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Ahmad Naser Eldein is a Palestinian photographer based in Montreal. He regularly contributes to various print publications and online platforms. He has also participated in multiple collaborations and solo exhibits in Palestine and Canada. 


His research interests tackle representations of queer and political identities. Through his portraits he aims at capturing the human physique that reflects expressions of emotions and states of mind.


Ahmad’s interest in photography goes back to his studying at Bir Zeit University, learning film photography and producing diverse documentary essays. Ahmad always had a special appreciation for analogue techniques and darkroom labs. It is only years later that he transposed his practice into the digital world and delved into conceptual and fine art photography. Working with photographs, Ahmad has worked on diverse series while using different mediums: Digital photography, polaroid, and medium format film.

Artist statement 

My photography aims at expressing my vision of reality while exploring the thin lines between documentary and imagination. Inspired by my daily life, my work focuses on individual experiences and their entanglements with the collective and the visible and invisible structures that surround them. 


With a subtle minimalist approach, my portraits strive to create work that is clear and uncompromising. As I shed light on marginalized persons, my home and studio photography explores humans while celebrating their uniqueness and multilayered identities. I focus on questions of political and sexual identities, decolonization, and subcultures. 


By photographing the human physique, I aim to re-imagine what affirms life. I want those who see my work, to see beyond the skin, to de-compartmentalize and be reminded of the intersections of the layered human beauty and its uniqueness. 


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RECENT Exhibitions.

“Ici, entre les debris de choses et le rien” 2019

L.L. Lozeau - Duo exhibition

Montréal, Québec.

“Palestine comes to Montréal” 2019

Kaza Maza - Solo exhibition

Montréal, Québec.

“Where do we go now?” 2018

Expolaroid 6e Édition - Studio Argentique - Collective exhibition

Montréal, Québec.

Mahasen I+II from the series “Ana mish ana” (I am not me) 2017

Take Care Of Yourself - Collective exhibition - We Are The Medium

Montréal, Québec.

“Le saut de l’homme” from the series “Photographs from Acco” 2017

Team Lozeau - Collective exhibition - L.L. Lozeau

Montréal, Québec.


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